Salt is too short

first post: 293D2A33 wrote: The source code says that the salt is only 4 char long... "If the...

AES 256? Also, is there a password length Limit?

first post: ssl378 wrote: I like the app. It's the best open source implementation of the ide...

latest post: adriancs wrote: It is AES 256.

Drag and drop

first post: reviewing wrote: Hi Adrianics, Thank you for your excellent app. My question is w...

latest post: reviewing wrote: It would be awesome if you implement a Drag and Drop option of a t...

Encryption method used?

first post: rogerrabbit wrote: Hi, I saw this software on Snapfiles today and it works really wel...

latest post: adriancs wrote: you're welcome.

unable to download

first post: sulasno wrote: unable to download version 2.2

latest post: sulasno wrote: your site is now working I downloaded it here http://www.freewa...

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