CTI 2.0 - User Manual

Encrypt your information with CTI 2.0. This avoid others to read your message once it is exposed to them accidentally.


Original Text:   This is a sample text.

Enrypted Text8sbBEgDJAvGdAS6OyG+vmHQEo1FM9vNsaYmf8lSE7f3Flo91ZN4kBrF9iLggzysx

Decryption from Encrypted TextThis is a sample text.


Screenshot 1 - Tab of CTI 2.0:

CTI 2.0

Simple Encryption Operation:

  1. Highlight and copy any text, paragraphs or whole article from any source (Text file, Word documents, Web Articles, Messenger, Emails).
    Copy text
  2. Press the Paste button to load the text into Input text box. (You need to use this Paste button to load text length that is exceeded the allowed maximum characters limit).
  3. Press Encrypt button to get the encrypted code.
  4. Press Copy Output button to copy the code into clipboard.
  5. Now, paste the code at your desire location (i.e. text file, word documents, messengers, emails) by right click and choose Paste from the dialog menu.
    Paste text

About Keys

Keys, like passwords. Used to lock and encrypt with the input text. Once encrypted, same keys with same sequence will be needed to decrypt the random code into its original text.

You can encrypt your text with processor id or hard disk serial no. Click on the Get button to retrive your computer's hardware id. Processor ID and Hard Disk Serial will be treated as one of the keys.

About Maximum Characters Limitations

Initial allowed maximum characters is 100000. If you used the Paste button, the limitation is not applied. It only apply when you type in the characters manually into the text box area or paste text by right click context menu. If you do want to increase the maximum characters limitation, click on the Tap of Configurations, there is a check box, click it and you will be able to change the limitation.


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