History (Change Log)

07 October 2011 (2.2)

  • Improve Encryption algorithm of "Two Way Encryption. All keys will be hashed by SHA512.
  • Fix bug: "Two Way Encryption" will occasionally freeze.
  • Fix bug: Error will occasionally occur when user click on "Copy Output" button of "Two Way Encryption".
  • Important Note: Version 2.2 is not compatible with Version 2.1

05 October 2011  (2.1)

  • Version: 2.1 Stable Version Released.
  • Feature added: Font of Input & Output Text Area (Two Way Encryption) is changeable.
  • Fix bug: When user rapidly click on "Encrypt" or "Decrypt" button, the program will freeze.
  • Fix bug: The program will occasionally freeze during "Two Way Encryption".
  • All input from keyboard strokes and mouse click is blocked during encryption/decryption. To avoid accidentally button click of "Encrypt" and "Decrypt" which might launch multiple encryption/decryption process runs simultaneously and causes the program to freeze.
  • Better memory handling, increase overall performance.
  • Encryption and decryption process have speed up.
  • User Interface: Tap of "CTI 2.0" and "CTI 1.1" (Version 2.0.1 Beta) have changed to "Two Way Encryption" and "One Way Encryption".

29 September 2011  (2.0.1 Beta)

  • Version: 2.0.1 Beta
  • Fix bug: CTI 1.1 - An error will occur when user click Copy Output button with the output format contains symbols.

27 September 2011  (2.0 Beta)

  • Version: CTI 2.0 Beta.
  • XCrypt project's core encryption code is merged into CTI 2.0. Enables encryption algorithm of Rijndael, Twofish and SHA256.
  • CTI 2.0: Enable decryption of encrypted code.
  • CTI 2.0: Encryption process strengthen with Rijndael Algorithm (AES). Read more.
  • CTI 2.0: Encryption results of the same text are different.
  • CIT 2.0: Able to encrypt with multiple keys.
  • CTI 1.1: Keys are encrypted by Twofish Algorithm. Read more.
  • CTI 1.1: Process of encrypting with hardware id is improved.
  • Hardware ID is hashed by SHA256 Algorithm. Read more.
  • Exists as 1 single exe file, increases portability.
  • License changed to Apache 2.0.

30 March 2011  (1.0)

  • Initial release.
  • Version: CTI 1.0 Beta.
  • Generated code is not reversible.
  • Able to encrypt with multiple key
  • Able to encrypt with Processor (CPU) ID and Hard Disk Serial No
  • Able to separate the Encrypted Code into several blocks (sections, partitions).
  • Able to customize the separator (Used to separate each blocks)
  • Able to generate various output format
  • Able to enable type-safe character. (exclude "I", "i", "l", "1", "o", "O", "0")
  • License: GNU General Public License V 2.0.

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