Project Description
A text encryption and decryption tools. Able to encrypt with multiple keys. Light weight, efficient and easy to use. Hide your sensitive information from others even the information is exposed.

Latest Version: 2.0.1 Beta

Screenshot (V2.0)



CTI 2.0 (Two Way)

  • Encrypt and decrypt large paragraphs of text into meaningless code.
  • Each encrypted result is not the same. Harder for others to guess the original text.
  • Encrypt with multiple keys. (Included Processor ID and Hard Disk Serial No)
  • Friendly user, easy to use, light weight, standalone, portable.

CTI 1.1 (One Way)

  • Encrypt any text (username, password) or sentences into random code
  • Generated code is not reversible.
  • Able to encrypt with multiple key
  • Able to encrypt with Processor (CPU) ID and Hard Disk Serial No
  • Able to separate the Encrypted Code into several blocks (sections, partitions).
  • Able to customize the separator (Used to separate each blocks)
  • Able to generate various output format
  • Able to enable type-safe character. (exclude "I", "i", "l", "1", "o", "O", "0")
    (Note: If user choose "Numbers" only as output format, type-safe will be deactivate)
  • List of Available Output Format:
    • Mix Case Text
    • Mix Case Text and Numbers
    • Mix Case Text and Symbols
    • Upper Case Text
    • Upper Case Text and Numbers
    • Lower Case Text
    • Lower Case Text and Numbers
    • Numbers
    • Numbers and Symbols
    • Symbols

Examples of CTI 1.1:

Main Input Text: password
Encrypted Code Length: 30
Enable type-safe: True

Choosen Format Type Output
UpperCaseText and Numbers G66S24PNVH4E9G5R64BWB5EK59GXQ6
Numbers 761689527019052048937057667426
Block Size 5,5,5,5,5 UpperCaseText and Numbers W43GA-4VSWD-W448G-55HJ2-995Y2
Symbols _^%?`-]/?\]-$?!'^-=~+>^-,'^%@


Language Translation:

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