CTI 1.1 - User Manual

Screenshot - Tap of CTI 1.1

Key in any text in the Main Input Text text box. The encryption will execuate automatically.

There are four entries enable you key in optional keys. Keys are additional information added into the encryption process to make the result more unique. The four optional keys are:

  • Key 1
  • Key 2
  • Processor ID
  • Hard Disk Serial Number

You can find it in the user interface easily.

Output Format

You can choose your desire output format from Output Format drop down menu.

Example input text: This is a sample text

All 2!<7m#|$75?evt8^3$%]wxSASe{s0T
Text Only TjTPJDuHefBtbyekosTVqbiRnIkZRm
Number Only 541502299009943836859100091324
Symbol Only #?`${!?(@$+!*\|~$@(.\@@)@!|&*'
Lower Case Text zqxvuuabsqasnlknajeboodmdscumy
Lower Case Text Number 8o0887706jo1w02u234wyhifi135lb
Upper Case Text Number G7KG944KD67VA1EWEJYA36050V3TQ8
Text Symbol ?y'FjB[UVPoy`ao/<>knLTc=cy-t{d
Text Number 1ZpyU5tJgFri0NzWxVQYmJ989i9HV0
Number Symbol 90>/[:8)<-4^,7'?~&6;$)`_`^@!&<

Enable "type-safe" Character

Human's handwriting of capital letter of "O", small letter of "o" and zero number "0" looks similar. Even it is printed nicely, user might get confuse too. When a user buy a software in hard copy, the activation code is usually printed on a piece of paper, sticker or on the surface of DVD/CD. Users often can't it right during recognizing these three characters - "O", "o" and "0" as well as capital letter "I", small letter "i", small letter "l" and number of one "1". This will end up by calling the software developer to question about the validness of the serial code.

To avoid confusion, many of the software developer will try to avoid these characters and making their Serial Code more "Type-Safe", reducing human error.

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