History (Change Log)

30 Aprial 2016 (6.0)

  • Encryption process changed. Text is compressed before encryption, causing the encrypted text to be shorten, especially encryption long text.
  • Encryption and Decryption time are shown.
  • Text is added to all buttons.
  • Default window's size enlarged.
  • Salt bytes increased from 4 bytes to 8 bytes.
  • Main input textbox's default font changed to Segoe UI to support multi-language/Unicode characters.
  • Version 6.0 is not compatible with older version.

16 May 2014 (5.3)

  • Remove read only behaviour of text area of encrypted text.
  • Minor UI functionality update.

09 May 2014 (5.2)

  • Remove [Cut] button.
  • Fixed [Reset All] button does not reset encrypted text column.
  • Switch button location between [Copy] and [Paste].
  • Enable users to use local fonts to display characters of their language correctly.
    (A font settings file will be saved at the same folder of this program.)

09 May 2014 (5.1)

  • Improve encryption process.
  • Minor UI update.
  • Version 5.1 is not compatible with older version.

06 May 2014 (5.0)

  • Improve encryption algorithm.
  • Simply inner non-encryption related mechanism (especially user interface).
  • Core encryption algorithm: AES 256 bits
  • Passwords hashing algorithm: SHA512
  • Version 5 is not compatible with older version.

12 Jan 2013 (4.0)

  • New UI. Enhance better user experience.
  • Enable user to change the language of the UI of the software. Use the software in your own language. Support Right To Left Language too.
  • One way encryption is dropped.

17 June 2012 (3.0)

  • Fix bug: The application will occasionally freeze during the Encryption and Decryption process.
  • Note: Version 3.0 is not compatible with Version 2.2

07 October 2011 (2.2)

  • Improve Encryption algorithm of "Two Way Encryption". All keys will be hashed by SHA512.
  • New Feature: Output encrypted code generated by "Two Way Encryption" is viewable in full screen with Microsoft Windows Notepad. A button "View Fullscreen" is added.
  • Fix bug: "Two Way Encryption" will occasionally freeze.
  • Fix bug: Error will occasionally occur when user click on "Copy Output" button of "Two Way Encryption".
  • Fix bug: The output text area remains "in progress" if the input encrypted code failed to decrypt due to wrong keys or incomplete encrypted text.
  • Important Note: Version 2.2 is not compatible with Version 2.1

05 October 2011  (2.1)

  • Version: 2.1 Stable Version Released.
  • Feature added: Font of Input & Output Text Area (Two Way Encryption) is changeable.
  • Fix bug: When user rapidly click on "Encrypt" or "Decrypt" button, the program will freeze.
  • Fix bug: The program will occasionally freeze during "Two Way Encryption".
  • All input from keyboard strokes and mouse click is blocked during encryption/decryption. To avoid accidentally button click of "Encrypt" and "Decrypt" which might launch multiple encryption/decryption process runs simultaneously and causes the program to freeze.
  • Better memory handling, increase overall performance.
  • Encryption and decryption process have speed up.
  • User Interface: Tap of "CTI 2.0" and "CTI 1.1" (Version 2.0.1 Beta) have changed to "Two Way Encryption" and "One Way Encryption".

29 September 2011  (2.0.1 Beta)

  • Version: 2.0.1 Beta
  • Fix bug: CTI 1.1 - An error will occur when user click Copy Output button with the output format contains symbols.

27 September 2011  (2.0 Beta)

  • Version: CTI 2.0 Beta.
  • XCrypt project's core encryption code is merged into CTI 2.0. Enables encryption algorithm of Rijndael, Twofish and SHA256.
  • CTI 2.0: Enable decryption of encrypted code.
  • CTI 2.0: Encryption process strengthen with Rijndael Algorithm (AES). Read more.
  • CTI 2.0: Encryption results of the same text are different.
  • CIT 2.0: Able to encrypt with multiple keys.
  • CTI 1.1: Keys are encrypted by Twofish Algorithm. Read more.
  • CTI 1.1: Process of encrypting with hardware id is improved.
  • Hardware ID is hashed by SHA256 Algorithm. Read more.
  • Exists as 1 single exe file, increases portability.
  • License changed to Apache 2.0.

30 March 2011  (1.0)

  • Initial release.
  • Version: CTI 1.0 Beta.
  • Generated code is not reversible.
  • Able to encrypt with multiple key
  • Able to encrypt with Processor (CPU) ID and Hard Disk Serial No
  • Able to separate the Encrypted Code into several blocks (sections, partitions).
  • Able to customize the separator (Used to separate each blocks)
  • Able to generate various output format
  • Able to enable type-safe character. (exclude "I", "i", "l", "1", "o", "O", "0")
  • License: GNU General Public License V 2.0.

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