Screenshot of Legacy, Old Version of CTI Text Encryption

I can't get screenshots of version for you right now. Perhaps it has been totally deleted from my computer, and I had not uploaded it to this site.

In version 1, I write my own encryption algorithm which I named it as CTI (stands for Char To Integer).
It basically converting the Chars into bytes, and from bytes into integer. For example: A is equal to 65 in integer. So, em, I playing with the numbers, rotating/adding/minus the numbers and scramble it.

Ya, I know don't ever try to make your own encryption algorithm. Making own encryption algorithm, unless I am a PHD of Mathematics or some serious world class encryption specialist, or else don't invent own encryption algorithm.

That's why I never release Version 1, it is considered as hobby project.

Version 2

Start from version 2, some advance algorithm is implemented, yes, the well known AES (also call Rinjdael) algorithm. And here I again invented my own 2nd generation of CTI encryption algorithm called CTI2. The main function of CTI2 in the process is randomized the encryption result. Although, basically CTI2 will encrypt the text, but since I aware that I'm not a PHD in Mathematics, I need to implement some world class super advance algorithm in final round, this is where AES came in. The passwords were hashed before sending into AES engine. The usage of CTI2 + AES was implemented untill version 4.


And this screenshot below shows the one way encryption / hashing in other words. Hashing is normally used to generate complex passwords or used by programmer to generate product activation serial keys.


Here you can change the fonts used in the first main page. Why change font? This is because of the language that used might not supported by this software. I mean cannot show properly. Therefore, if your language cannot be shown here, you have to select the font that can show your language properly. Thats why I allow the font changing at here:



Version 3

Lets come to version 3, the main page is changed. Both normal and encrypted text can be put into the same text area.


The so call one way encryption was still remained in this version. Nothing special from previous version.



Version 4

Now, the new ribbon UI. Is this cool? or do you prefer version 5 UI? I'm not sure about this.
And one way encryption was removed in this version as I received comments saying that one way encryption is not going to be useful, serves no much purpose.


Oh wait, this version can change the theme's color. Yup, you can have a black theme UI. It can be switched from blue to black.


And some more, it support for changing the language of UI too! even for right to left language. Below shows a translated UI for Hebrew language.


You change the theme, language at the option page:


Changing the UI Language:


Version 5

In this version, I have dropped many features and enhance the encryption process. I have dropped my own creation of algorithm (CTI2). Now, the encryption process only applies algorithm of AES 256 bits. I use RNGCrypto to generate random bytes as salt for getting randomized encrypted result. I'm aiming to make everything simple and friendly user.

I dropped the feature of retrieving processor ID and hard disk serial number and passwords. The text encrypted with machine serial number was not able to transmit around, only for local use. Besides, if your computer malfunction, you are not able to decrypt it.

The feature of changing language of UI was dropped. This reduce the maintenance work and complexity of the software. However, I have grouped all the language definition into one single file in source code. Any programmer who wish to change the language of UI to their own native language may do so effortless.


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